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Money Pieces

Money piece hair color is a fun new way of introducing some highlighting and depth into your gorgeous locks. Your experienced #HairBar colorist will find the perfect face-framing positions to hand-paint highlights from roots to end. You’ll leave looking and feeling more youthful than ever, with these gorgeous highlights! 

#HairBar is delighted to treat you like the royalty you are! Let every wish come true and enhance the natural beauty of your hair. Our professional colorists are standing by, visit us today!



The ombre hairstyle is one of the most popular color styles out there today. What is ombre? This is a color fade that leaves your natural hair color at the roots and blends in a chosen color to the ends of your hair. For a bold pop of color, you could move beyond your natural color and instead select two different color shades! For a more subtle approach, ombre highlights apply the faded color to small sections of your hair. The method you choose is entirely based on your desired look. Either way, we know you’ll love this trendy color style.



If you’re searching for a seamless way to transition those overgrown roots back to your natural hair shade, we have the solution for you! The most successful approach to the constant problem of overgrown roots is the shadowing hair color technique. Your #HairBar colorist will leave the roots untouched, while coloring the rest of the hair lighter, making a beautiful, blurred transition between the shades. This leaves the natural hair color to grow out without looking a mess! The shadow root with highlights enables you to live life with confidence while regaining your natural hair shade!



The best salons for balayage are the most experienced. #HairBar experts have been in the field for over 32 years and we know color! In keeping with the latest trends, we are proud to bring you balayage hair coloring techniques! What is balayage

Balayage is a French technique using hand painted highlights to achieve a seamless blend of color. This achieves an overall sunkissed, all-natural look, rather than distinguishable highlights. The lightning agent is painted directly onto the tips of your hair and then feathered upward to the midpoint. You can either start with a darker color at the base of your hair, fading to light, or you can start with a lighter color and then fade to dark.



There are so many different ways to highlight hair and innovative, new ways are developing all the time! Finding the right hair color stylist to suit your specific needs is important and we’re thrilled that searching for the “best highlight salon near me” will bring you right to #HairBar!

Babylights give your locks a lighter look without entirely changing your natural hair color, focused around the edges of your face. Choose any color to create a chunky highlight look by incorporating multicolored streaks along the strands of your hair. Frosted highlights are achieved by frosting the tips of your hair with a very light color (usually platinum). Ribbon highlights are amazing to deepen your natural wave or curl with a natural color, worked into the lengths of your hair. If you’re looking for a lifted color, choose foil highlights which concentrate the lighting. There are so many options and when you work with #HairBar, you can rely on us to explore them all with you, so that you walk away feeling your absolute best!


Base and Color Contrast

A sassy pop of style emerges with this coloring technique where your base color is enhanced and a color contrast is worked in naturally. Your colorist works with you to determine the best contrast colors for you!


Hair Coloring

Here at #HairBar, it is our mission for you to walk away feeling your most confident, beautiful self! Choose #HairBar to receive the most luxurious and personalized care. Enhance your natural hair color with subtle tones or surprise with a pop of color. Whatever your wish, your secret hair dreams come true at #HairBar! We always give our best so that you can leave feeling your best! 


One of the most essential ways you can let your beautiful hair shine is with our professional, experienced hair colorists. #HairBar does all the work! Your colorist will meet with you to determine your perfect look and all you have to do is simply melt into our hands. Our professional colorists customize color applications to best enhance your hairstyle, skin tone, and eye color. Emerge from your #HairBar experience confidently expressing your natural grace and style.




Hot Towel/Hair Steaming

Pamper yourself with a luxurious, ultimately relaxing hair specialty service today! #HairBar offers hot towel services to steam and rejuvenate your hair. What is a hair hot towel service (aka hair steaming or hot turban therapy)? You’ll melt into bliss when essential oils are massaged gently into your hair and scalp. Your #HairBar specialists will next apply a steamed soft cotton towel to your hair, wrapping it to moisturize the hair follicles, lift cuticles, and absorb hydrating oils into your hair.

The heat and aromatics open hair pores, enabling healing oil to penetrate deep inside hair follicles. Reducing hair loss and refreshing the scalp, the hot towel process makes your hair silky, strong, and smooth. Your hair will be absolutely nourished, moisturized, and shiny, while you emerge relaxed and renewed. 

Make your next stop #HairBar to revitalize both your hair and your spirit! Our experienced stylists can’t wait to welcome you into our family and give you the royal treatment!


Hair Extensions

Salons that apply hair extensions with skilled, professional, and experienced technicians can be a hard find. Not anymore! #HairBar serves the area of Jackson, MS, proudly providing hair extension specialists nearby

If you desire longer hair with more volume, texture, varied color, or styling ability without changing your natural hair, extensions may be the perfect solution for you! #HairBar certified specialists are standing by to consult with you and determine exactly what you’re looking for! 

  • Instantly increase length, volume, thickness to your hair!
  • Sport a new style or look for a special occasion or trip!
  • Cover up a haircut or style that you dislike! 
  • Add color or highlights without any chemicals!

Our goal at #HairBar is to unlock your most confident, naturally beautiful self! It is our complete joy to make your hair dream a reality!



Olaplex may be a brand new word for you and that’s okay! #HairBar loves to offer the best in the hair community and Olaplex is one of our specialities for chemically altered hair! 

How to use Olaplex? Olaplex hair treatment is a multi-step process that repairs broken hair bonds damaged from chemical, thermal and mechanical change. Olaplex for hair is a bond multiplier and hair bond perfector which helps fuse broken hair bonds back together. This is best when completed in a professional salon, as the process is specific. 

Does Olaplex work? #HairBar only offers top-of-the-line services, so you can rest assured that the success of Olaplex hair products are a reality! Try it for yourself today, and begin the process of restoring your gorgeous locks!


Bridal Hair Style

Look stunning on your wedding day with a custom hair deesign — an updo, partial updo or all down. We’ll work with you to determine your perfect look.

Stylists $567


Express Blow Out

Express Blowout: Enjoy a quick 30-45 minute blowdry experience beginning with a refreshing shampoo and scalp massage. Next, close your eyes while a professional stylist blow-dries your hair in a style you’ve selected. When it’s all over, you’ll be ready to take on anything!


Blow Out

Full Blowout: Your pampering with this service will last about 45-60 minutes. Indulge in a luxurious shampoo and scalp treatment, followed by a calming scalp massage. Select a style that you know you’ll love, and relax while our professional stylist works her magic. You’ll walk away feeling completely rejuvenated with a gorgeous hairstyle to top it all off! 

#HairBar offers stylized services to complete your hair makeover dream!

  • The Perfect Pony for that fun and flirty, yet sophisticated approach! 
  • Uptini: when you want a gorgeous updo designed specifically for your style and desires!
  • Wavy Lengths provide clip-in extensions with added curl for immediate length and volume!
  • Braids of many varieties, for a whimsical, trendy, romantic allure!
  • Spicy Locks of Color are temporary jeweled tone extensions for that WOW factor!
  • Shirley Temple curls for those sweet little ladies!



Color Wow

#HairBar is proud to present the latest and greatest in hair product and texturing trends: Color Wow. Color Wow specializes in a new technology that provides shine, smoothing, and healing for frizzy, colored, and chemically-altered hair. While that arena is Color Wow’s specialty, the benefits of Color Wow reach every hair type, including curly, fine, wavy, and straight. Let us restore and enhance your natural, gorgeous locks with an amazing Color Wow hair treatment. The WOW factor for your hair is just around the corner, right here at #HairBar!



#HairBar is proud to provide our valued clients (you!) the very best hair care procedures on the market. We firmly believe that our services are only as good as our products. The best professional keratin treatments revolve around the Global Keratin styling revolution. Why is Global Keratin good? This completely non-chemical procedure is wildly successful for smoothing and straightening hair of any kind. 


What will you get from local keratin treatment salons? #HairBar delivers a ton of benefits!

  • Smooths hair, even in rain and humidity
  • Restores hair & repairs damage
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Does not damage hair; makes it more resilient
  • Lasts up to four months 
  • Reduces styling time
  • Increases shine



You may hear the term “perming” and think of the tight, curly, perm that the 80s poularized. #HairBar can do a more traditional perm, as well as bodywaves. What are bodywaves? Loose body wave hair has the look of a low key perm, with a more open, loose curl.  Yes, you can have that tousled, sexy wavy hair curl without any of the styling tool work! And it’s a simple way to achieve more volume!

Take hours off your daily hair routine with body waves for all hair types. Waves in hair for women in the workforce simplifies your hair process so you look your best without much time or effort! Enjoy a professional hairstyle with just a brush when you have a permanent wave perm

There are so many options to try! Classic waves, tighter curls, layered, fluffy or irregular waves, super long, or super short! #HairBar offers it all to ensure you get exactly what suits your style best.


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